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Want to see immediate growth for your HME business? The time to make that happen is now, and the advantage goes to those with superior marketing and sales skills. Industry leader Mike Sperduti has developed the most innovative and effective ways to seize this opportunity. He will show you specifically how to generate an abundance of new patient referrals and revenue to beat your competition.

Goal of the webinar: To bring an exciting new philosophy and pattern of communication skills to your company that will drive new referrals and increase revenues. The best part is that you will learn to do this by increasing patient satisfaction and compliance while also reducing readmissions!

Objective: This webinar will make each member of your team comfortable, confident and effective while making prospecting calls to healthcare facilities where they have no existing relationship and turning them into referring accounts This powerful skill will separate you from your competition. Mike will show you exactly what to do and say in every prospecting situation to create unstoppable confidence, low stress levels, higher job satisfaction and optimum performance.

Outcome: The skills and techniques learned during this webinar will produce immediate, long-term results for your company in terms of sales & profits, as well as customer & employee satisfaction.


Mike Sperduti
CEO, Emerge Sales

Mike Sperduti is internationally recognized as an expert in healthcare sales. Mike has helped over 17,000 executives from 40 countries and more than 1,000 HME companies transform their business through his live events, webinars, audio programs and consulting services. His client list in our industry is a who’s who, including VGM, Medtrade, HME Business Summit, HomeCare Magazine, HME News and several state associations. Mike serves as President/CEO of The Mike Sperduti Companies (Emerge Sales, Renewal Technologies, Phoinix Holdings and Mike Sperduti Training).