Watch the free webinar Operational Strategies to Minimize the Impact of ICD-10 on Your Bottom Line with Tricia Twombly, Senior Director, DecisionHealth.


If your home health agency submits claims to Medicare, you’ve probably realized that the switch to ICD-10 was more than just a code change. Every aspect of your operations has been affected. Have you seen a significant drop in productivity among coders and clinicians? Are you contending with delayed claims due to improper code selection or miscommunications between you, the provider, and your payer?

During this free webinar, you will learn what you need to do to minimize the impact of ICD-10 on your bottom line and bring productivity back to the levels you had before ICD-10, including:

  • Benchmark your agency’s ICD-10 transition against industry norms.
  • Identify causes of declining productivity and learn what steps you can take to recover.
  • Describe how gaps in your staff’s skills can affect revenue and how to address individual and systemic needs for training.


Tricia Twombly
Senior Director, DecisionHealth

Tricia Twombly, RN, BSN, HCS-D, HCS-O, COS-C, CHCE, AHIMA Approved ICD-10-CM Trainer, DecisionHealth’s Senior Director and the CEO of the Board of Medical Specialty Coding & Compliance (BMSC) Twombly assists home health agencies with ICD-10 coding audits, OASIS reviews and other consulting through DecisionHealth’s Professional Services unit. She also is the technical reviewer for both the Diagnosis Coding Pro for Home Health newsletter and BMSC’s on-line education courses.