Watch the free webinar Four Ways to Position Your Healthcare Brand for Growth with Jenni Perkins, Vice President of Marketing & Brand Strategy with Emagination Unlimited.


Cutting through the clutter to reach potential customers is one of the biggest goals most organizations aim to achieve. But even if you know the demographics of your customers and the most effective means to getting in front of them, what message do you deliver? How do you ensure the words and visuals you’re utilizing will engage them in a relevant way? And how much does that really impact growth?

Successfully developing and maintaining a brand that can sustain long-term growth requires strategic considerations around your market, your audience, your visual identity, your voice and your content. This webinar will outline four key actions that will help healthcare organizations like yours differentiate yourself in a meaningful way, ensuring your message is heard above the din of your competitors.

During this webinar, we'll discuss:

  • What your customers really want from your brand
  • Why emotional intelligence is the key to resonating with your audience
  • How to develop brand positioning that differentiates your organization
  • And more!


Jenni Perkins
Vice President, Marketing & Brand Strategy, Emagination Unlimited

A marketing and public relations executive with special expertise in healthcare, Jenni possesses an authentic zeal for crafting unique brand positioning, skillfully merging the complex arts of creative services and copywriting with market and audience analysis. She believes that the only way to markedly and consistently impact business objectives is to take aim with a strategic - never scattershot - approach to branding, marketing and advertising.

As the Vice-President of Marketing & Brand Strategy at Emagination Unlimited, Jenni works closely with clients to forge clear-cut paths to success through methodical research and painstakingly-planned execution - skills that have been fine-tuned throughout her previous career in hospice marketing and brand management. Energized by what lies ahead, Jenni brings a vivacious enthusiasm to defining goals and to transforming what-ifs into what’s next.