Watch the free webinar Focus on Your Why and Stand Out in the Home Care Market with Merrily Orsini, President/CEO of corecubed.


We are a social marketing society. We expect companies to have brands and personalities. We expect to be engaged. We look for ways to feel that a company is a right fit for us. In order to stand out and to be one of the agencies selected for an inquiry into service provision, you first must have a reason to be in business that will inspire. That is your why. Then it takes innovation and creativity in operations as well as marketing and communication to translate your "why" into a compelling visual and messaging.

At the end of this webinar, attendees will:

  • Understand the power of the agency’s journey and how that “why” translates into a living brand
  • Dissect the impact on the consumer and referral sources of a brand inspired by the essence of the agency’s inception and growth
  • Define how social engagement, based on the alignment with the agency’s personality stands out above others


Merrily Orsini’s professional background is solid with aging care issues and solutions. Leadership is in her genes. Her business ownership began in 1981 with a geriatric care managed in-home care agency, a venture that garnered her the prestigious EY Entrepreneur of the Year Award in 1996. She would later sell that business and in 1998 found corecubed, a full-service marketing, design and SEO company that focuses on digital integrated marketing for home care and aging care services. Orsini combines her skills in technology with her expertise in communicating and a fondness for interacting with people in all that she does.